The Problem Solving Mat

The Social Emotional Solution

This Social Emotional tool is a simple 3-step, self-guided mat for conflict resolution that students, teachers, and parents can use in their classrooms and homes.

Problem Solving Mat
The Real Game Changer!

This is a self-directed social emotional tool that helps free up the teacher and is student-led. The best part is that kids love it and it helps them build strong relationships with each other that lets them feel heard. It turns problems into teachable moments and allows for kids to handle their problems in real time . It’s a real game-changer for all of us.

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10 Thinking Mats
10 Every Problem Has A Solution Books
1 Playground decal

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For students

The Problem Solving Mat creates a sacred place in your classroom for students to work out their differences. It gives your students a space that can help guide them as they are learning to develop their own voice with one another.

For Teachers

The classroom tool creates a sense of belonging right from the start. It allows your students to connect and form build healthy relationships with one another. It is vital that we provide our little ones with the support they need coming back into the classroom with each other.

For parents

The Problem Solving Mat creates a sacred place in your home for siblings, parent and child, or parent to parent can come together. Your kids will be able to learn and build coping skills that they can internalize. This 3-step process creates an opportunity for everyone to be mentally present and lets every to feel validated and express their feelings.

How to use it?

Place your mat in a permanent area that will be designated as your classroom Problem Solving space. This will allow your students to have access to the mat anytime a conflict arises for their self directed use. Once the mat is integrated into the class, the goal is for students to use it with little to no teacher direction.

(Your mat should be unrolled left out at all times so your students can easily access it. )

Take some time as a whole class to teach the Problem Solving process below. This will encourage students to use the mat independently amongst their peers.

Each student will take a turn stating what they believed happened. Once each child is able to say their side of the story, they will step over to the heart square titled

In this step they will get to share their feelings. They can do this by pointing at the colorful emojis or stating how the situation made them feel.

Lastly, they will make their way over to step 3 the light bulb step. This is where they will work together to come up with a solution to their problem that they both agree on. Once they’ve done that, they have both solved their problem by working together.

Problem Solving Mat

Check out the video and see just how the Problem Solving Mat works.

Empowering kids to think with their heart!!